We’ve done it !!!

Today, 2️⃣8️⃣.1️⃣2️⃣.2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣, the Pozhmashina Company handed over to the SES of Ukraine🇺🇦, the last batch of 6 fire trucks 🚒. Thus, we fully and timely fulfilled the state order for the development and manufacture of 67 units of new fire trucks for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

For us, this order was an ambitious challenge ❗️Yes, despite the very unfavorable conditions, namely:

⛔️ COVID-19 pandemic in the world
⛔️ force majeure with the supply of components
⛔️ unfavorable economic relations with the Republic of Belarus🇧🇾
⛔️ global semiconductor crisis
⛔️ absence of any subscriptions from the customer


👉 Yes, it was difficult for us
👉 Yes, the employees of our Company worked around the clock
👉 Yes, we personally found sources of funding to ensure the implementation of the project

But the result is worth all the difficulties we overcame this year – Pozhmashina has become close to all European and global manufacturers who are able to ensure the contract for the development and manufacture of a large batch of new fire trucks in a short time – 6️⃣ months! Only system companies can perform such a complex task.

We also want to thank:
✅ to every employee of the Pozhmashina Company who made the “impossible” due to teamwork and self-knowledge
✅ to our suppliers and logistics organizations, which under any circumstances provided us with raw materials and components so that production does not stop
✅ firefighters who participated in the development and testing of the prototype

Special thanks to the chassis supplier – MAZ. Despite all the troubles of foreign policy, MAZ has once again proved that it was and remains a reliable supplier that proves its deeds!
Details of the fire truck 🚒 ACP EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10/3000-2 
Video instructions on the operation of these fire trucks will appear on our resources very soon. It is in the future …
And today we congratulate Ukraine🇺🇦 on receiving new equipment❗️We are confident that these vehicles will increase the safety of citizens and guests of the country and, if necessary, deliver firefighters to the scene of an emergency.

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