We train staff – we develop the Company!

We understand that the effective operation of the Company in a dynamic and fierce competitive environment depends on many factors. The company must be prepared for any shocks. The key to such readiness is skilled workers who have not only basic professional skills, but also general culture, strategic thinking and erudition.

To plan for the future prospects of the Company, you must first make the best use of the potential of its staff.
System training in our Company has been operating for a long time. Quarantine and related forced “vacations” have made adjustments to all Company processes. However, they gave an opportunity to look at many issues from a different angle, to understand what you need to pay attention to in the first place.

That is why we now have 4 parallel training courses, each of which is aimed at developing and deepening the knowledge of our employees. This is effective work in the ERP system, deepening the knowledge gained during internal training in the “School of Masters” and improving their knowledge and skills of the leader, finding the right approach to communicating with subordinates, creating a strong coordinated team.

The training programs are designed to deepen the knowledge of top management, middle management, as well as employees of the Company’s production facilities.

By training employees – we develop the Company!

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