We have a meeting of the Presidium of the FRU Council at the Company

Today we held a field meeting of the Presidium of the Council of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, during which the CEO of the Company Oleg Averyanov, together with the Chairman of the FRU Dmitry Oliynyk, Director General Ruslan Ilyichev and other members of the Presidium discussed issues of industry in Ukraine. our country, the development of its own production and as a consequence – the development of the economy and the state as a whole.
The main result of the discussion was a joint initiative of Ukrainian employers to the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada and the Government to adopt a bill у 3739 on localization of production in public procurement and to adopt a Government resolution on procurement of mechanical engineering with a confirmed level of localization.
Our company fully supports these requirements! And today the Company’s employees have already signed the relevant request.
From the very beginning, we have advocated the adoption of Bill 3739 and consider it vital for the development of industry in our country.
“It is very symbolic that the struggle to support industrial production begins with our company. The Federation of Employers of Ukraine constantly initiates those activities that are aimed at developing the country’s own industry. The bill on localization will allow us to create jobs in Ukraine, develop our own enterprises, pay salaries to Ukrainian employees and fill the state budget. And our Company is also an example of that. The state can buy equipment abroad and give money to other countries, and can buy from a Ukrainian company and develop its economy, take care of the future of its citizens! ” – CEO of the Company Oleg Averyanov

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