Volleyball Cup in Priluki


We decided to take part in the open Cup of the city of Priluki in volleyball.
Our guys played the first, so to speak “trial” game – they looked at their opponents and checked their own forces. They fought hard, tried to keep up with the opponent, although the opposing team was not one of the weak! Got some kind of strength test from the start.
But we are “pozhmashynman”, so as not to succumb to the difficulties! Even if all is not immediately possible, we do not give up, but rather become only more insistent in achieving the goal!
The general atmosphere of the holiday inspires sports achievements, so after the completion of the first game, we firmly decided that now we will train hard and hone our skills.
The whole team of the company sincerely is ill and believes in the indestructibility of the spirit of our athletes. Guys, you are just great, we believe in you!


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