Attended INTERSCHUTZ and presented their pumps

INTERSCHUTZ is an international exhibition currently taking place in Hanover, Germany.
We had simply incredible plans for her, but the Rashists forced us to revise them…
However, we do not give them up!
And we will definitely implement it!!!

And now the top managers of the Company are at the exhibition in order to present the company to foreign partners, exhibition participants and those who are interested in Ukrainian engineering of fire-fighting equipment.

The capabilities and level of development of our Company are in no way inferior to European enterprises, and we are especially interested in exchanging experience and looking at the achievements of foreign colleagues.

And also find customers for our new European-style fire pumps.
We are convinced that soon our equipment 🚒 will take its place on exhibition stands and we will be delighted to observe and share our impressions.

And now – we confidently step towards Victory, we believe in the Armed Forces, we work for the sake of Ukraine.
Victory will be ours 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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