We have a rest on the sea coast

Is the summer heat annoying?

I want to freshen up and dive into the salty waves 🌊

And our colleagues are already resting 🧳⛱️ at the corporate recreation center in one of the best resorts in Ukraine – the Gulf!

This year, the employees of the  Company have the opportunity to recover, enjoy the rest 🏄, gain positive impressions and communicate not in the offices 🕶️🩴, but on the sea coast ⛱️🌊.

At the initiative of Oleg Averyanov, the CEO of the Company, we resumed the work of the recreation center, because to rest together is no less important than to work.
So that everyone can go on vacation, several changes are organized ✔️.

The first is already returning home!

We take the baton and wish everyone a great time 😉!


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