We continue to vaccinate employees

Today, the Company is in the second stage of receiving the first Pfizer vaccine. We do everything to protect employees from COVID-19.
It should be noted that people strongly believe in common myths. Such as:
✅ Vaccination does not protect
✅ Coronavirus does not exist
✅ The myth of the crown is a conspiracy of the oligarchs, the “world government”
✅ Everyone is vaccinated by vaccination
✅ They die from the vaccine
✅ The vaccine is not reliable and should not be vaccinated at all
✅ The vaccine is being experimented with
These are just the most popular myths ❗
Dear readers! Unfortunately, Ukraine is not a leader in world medicine. Countries where medicine is much better have already vaccinated 100% of the population. They live without lockdowns, quarantines, work and enjoy life! There is such an opportunity in our country as well. To do this, each of us must be conscious and responsible and get vaccinated!
All 36.6!

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