We have significant production potential – modern technological equipment and highly qualified employees. This allows us to perform a number of works, in particular:

  1. To make spare parts for fire-rescue equipment;
  2. To produce spare parts for agricultural machinery to order;
  3. To make repairs of spare parts of agricultural and cargo vehicles;
  4. Repair components for any equipment.

Details are designed according to the technical specifications of the customer and can be manufactured both serially and in single copies.

Each part, before manufacturing, is designed by our designers in the specialized Autodesk Invertor program, materials are selected and virtual testing is performed using the ANSYS module.

This is what makes it possible to predict the places of greatest loads and wear during operation.

Examples of our work are given below, namely:

  1. gears;
  2. sprockets;
  3. shafts;
  4. pump housing.