Limited Liability Company «INDUSTRIAL COMPANY “POZHMASHINA”has a long-term experience in manufacturing of fire-fighting trucks and equipment. It also has wide technological possibilities and forms the package of orders on implementation of different types of works such as :

 – making of  cast blanks from cast-iron, carbon steel, alloys of aluminium, copper, zinc;

 –  making of forged and stamped blanks from black and coloured metals;

 –  making of details by metal-cutting machine tools (body rotation type, cabinet-type)

 –  making of spatial weld-fabricated metallic constructions from sheet and of high quality rent of black and coloured metals;

 –  making of products by woodworking machine-tools;

 –  making of details out of thermoplastic materials (polystyrene, poliamid , polyethylene);

 –  heating  treatment of details (surface and complete tempering, cementation);

 –  testing of different knots and details by pneumatic and hydraulic pressure;

 –  to protect corrosion and improve appearance of goods the plant has shot-blast, galvanic (zinc-plating, chrome-plating) and colouring separations

  – for preproduction and making of rigging of different kinds ( stamps, conductors, adaptations) there is a vast instrumental economy.

The enterprise is ready to place the orders on production of goods in a accordance to its  technological possibilities:


                         1.  Short description of casting production

      1.1 Cast-iron casting:

          – casting mass at  machine moulding  0,1 – 17 kg

          – casting mass at  hand moulding up to 400 kg

      1.2. Casting from  coloured metals (alloys of aluminium, copper, zinc)

          – casting mass is 0,01 – 100 kg

             types of casting :

             x chill casting

             x casting under pressure

             x centrifugal casting

             x hand forming.

     1.3  Steel casting:

            Casting mass is 0,03 – 15 kg

                       2. Short description of blank production:

    2.1. Cutting of sheet rent:

           -by guillotine scissors in thickness from 0, 5 to 10 mm , width up to 3000 mm;

           -by a flame cut off on contour line of drawings in 50 mm of thickness;

    2.2. Sheet bending of thickness from 0, 8 to 6 mm, width of to 3500 mm;


    2.3. Receipt of pressed details of different configuration with effort of filling  to 500 tons;

    2.4. Receipt of forgings of different configuration from steel to 20 kg and the coloured metals (mass to 1,0kg);

    2.5. Deck-house of high quality rent (angle, channel);

    2.6. Pipe bending of different diameter and radius in shape of arc and bend;

    2.7. Roll-forming of sheet rent in thickness of 6 mm, width of 1500 mm.

                    3. Short description of metalwork-assembling production.

    3.1 assembling of different metal constructions and units of different complications;

    3.2 assembling of metal constructions and units from carbon, stainless steel , aluminium, by means of hand electric arc, semi-automatic in  medium of carbon dioxide, in medium of argon, by a coal electrode under the layer of gumboil; soldering of goods from copper and  brass.

                   4. Short description of thermo plastic production:

      – casting of details under pressure on thermoplastic automats; volume of injection is from 12 cm3 till 120 cm3

      – material:  shock resistance polystyrene, polyethylene,  casting poliamid.

                  5. Technological possibilities on causing of electrochemical facing :

    5.1 zinc-plating (Ц12Хр) of details with  maximal size of

          350х700х1300 mm;

    5.2 chrome-plating (Хтв18) of details with  maximal size of

          300х400х1300 mm;

    5.3 anodization (Ан.окс.хр) of details with  maximal size of

          300х400х1300 mm

                   6. Vast nomenclature of tent-bed tests allows to test different knots and details :

    6.1 by pneumatic pressure in a range from 0 to 40 Mega Pascal

    6.2 by hydraulic pressure in a range from   0 to 60 Mega Pascal

                                                          7. Equipment of painter section

allows to inflict coverage with alkyd, acrylic polyurethane enamels (one-two components), by the method of pneumospraying. Dimension of painting zone is 18х102 of cm. There is convection gas  drying in camera (size of 9,6х4, 2х3, 5 m), at a temperature from 60º С to  80ºC.

                   8. Description of plant thermal area :

    8.1 heating  of details under tempering, annealing in chamber of electric furnace with  oxidizing atmosphere of СНО 4х8х2, 6/10 with  sizes           of space  Ǿ400х800х260 mm, by the temperature of heating to 1000º C;

    8.2 release  of details and cementation in  mine stove of ПН- 32 with working space of 400х600 mm, by the temperature of heating to


    8.3 cementation of details in a liquid carburizator (kerosene) in the mine stove of СШЦ 4,5Х7, 0/10 with sizes of 450Х700 mm, by the                     temperature of heating 920-930º C;

    8.4 heating of details with length of till 600 mm by the currents of high-purity to 1000º C;

    8.5 nitride of details in a stream of ammonia with carbon dioxide in the mine stove of  США 5,7х5/6.

                 9. Technological description of metal-cutting equipment :

    – park of lathes for treatment of bodies of rotation with maximal diameter of 630 mm and length of to 2800 mm;

    – drillings machine-tools with maximal diameter of boring to 70 mm;

    – multifunctional   machine-tools  with  combined system of numerical control for treatment of cabinet-type details of  complicated spatial             configuration with  size of worktable of 500х500 mm and automatic changing of instrument;

    – round-grinding  machine-tools with  maximal diameter  of blanks in 280 mm and length of to 1400 mm;

    – hole grinders with maximal internal diameter of blanks to 100 mm and length to 125 mm

    – trivial polishing machine-tools with sizes of table of 1250х320 mm and maximal height of workpart  to 280 mm;

    – gear-hobbing machines allow to make gear-wheels with  module  from 1 to 6 mm and wheel with  module 3,5; 4,25  of 7-8 classes of               exactness;

    – mortising machine-tools  allow to cut  indents of wheels with  sizes of  module  from 1 to 5 mm and with diameter of wheels  to 500 mm;

    – dovertailing machine-tools allow to make slots with module from 1 to 5мм and diameter of details  from 20 to 200 mm;

    – broaching machine-tools with  maximally possible diameter of the stretched out opening  to 90 mm and by possibility of reaching of slots breadthways  from 3 to 25 mm; there are dovertailing broaches  .

10. Description of possibilities of tool shop:

Tool shop makes the next technological rigging:

    – stamps;

    – moulds;

    – fit-up fixture;

    – foundry rigging (metal mould, core box);

    – controlling device (gauge, etc.,);

    – work tools and lathe tools;

and has the next equipment:

    – lathes for treatment of bodies of rotation with  maximal diameter of 1000 mm and length of 3000 mm

    – drillings machine-tools with  maximal diameter of boring  to 60 mm;

    – round grinding machine-tools with  maximal diameter of blanks  to 200 mm and length of 1000 mm

    – hole grinders with  maximal internal diameter  to 150 mm and length  to 200 mm;

    – flat grinders with  size of table  1250х320 mm and max height  to 280 mm;

    – boring machine-tools with  maximal sizes of blanks of 1500х1500х1500 mm=a x b x h;

    – boring machine-tools with  maximal size of blanks;  diameter of 3150 mm and height of 300 mm;

    – electrical discharge machine-tools with  maximal sizes of blanks, and a x b x h =450x300x200 mm;

    – planing mashine-tools with maximal sizes of blanks a x b x h =4000 x 1000 x 800 mm;

    – slotting machine-tools with  maximal size of blanks, diameter of 400 mm and height of 150 mm;

    – coordinating mashine-tools with maximal size of blanks 800 x 400 mm;

    – coordinating-grinding mashine tools with maximal size of blanks 400 x 400 mm and diameter of working to 80 mm;

    – thread-rolling and thread-grinding machine-tools with diameter of working to 200 mm;

   – Section of heat treatment is equipped with stoves of volume tempering ; size of working space of 400 х 800 х  600 mm.


      In  case of your personal interest we are ready to discuss the terms of collaboration and answer all questions you are interested in.