The first tests of the new universal fire ladder

Remember when we introduced you to our new development, the Universal Fire Ladder (PUL)?
So – today it is being tested in the Fire and Rescue Department of Sarny Rescuers received it first in Ukraine and have the opportunity to check all the rules and requirements for the use of ladders in emergencies
We thank the expert of the technical group of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Kurtov, for his help in implementing the project to create a universal fire ladder!
We remind you that this is a universal fire ladder of the American type, which can be used as a stick ladder and an assault ladder. It has two working positions – with folded hooks and without, equipped with a reliable spring mechanism for their fixation.

  • Ladder length – 4215 mm
  • Width – 416 mm
  • Height with folded hooks – 80 mm
  • With unfolded – 250 mm
  • Departure of a hook from an internal surface of a bowstring – 160 mm
  • Its angle of rotation is 90 °
  • Weight – 19 kg

Rescuers’ first impressions of our ladder are only positive!
We are waiting for the completion of testing, feedback and impressions from the rescuers of Sarny.


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