The most important thing is what real consumers think about Kopania and its products! Here is the real experience of consumers who use our equipment!

Video review from an experienced driver

Drivers work most closely with equipment in state fire departments. Therefore, their feedback is particularly thorough and interesting.

Feedback from Oleksandr Nikolaychuk, driver, DPRCH-8, Sarny

Video review of DPRCH-8, Sarny

Is the new  ACP EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10/3000-2  fire truck different from its predecessors and what exactly – in our video!

Feedback from Artem Bryzh, chief of the DPRCH-8 guard, Sarny

Video review of DPRCH-3, Kharkiv

Test drive AC rescuers – this is a new interesting format of interaction between us and directly those people who work with our equipment!

So, a response from Oleg Sinichenko, the branch commander, 3rd DPRCH in Kharkiv immediately after the test.

Video review from Igor Getalo

Our development in 2021 – a fire truck with a water supply of 5 tons, improvement of certain technical characteristics and optimization of the location of VET and ARO is ready for delivery to the customer.

And before that, we gave her a real test drive! How it happened and how the AC behaved – see the review!

Video feedback from the Deputy Head of the State Fire and Rescue Unit 8, Sarny 

Review of the new ACP EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10/3000-2  fire truck from the Deputy Head of the State Fire and Rescue Unit 8, Sarny, Rivne region

Video response of Avangardivska united territorial community

Head of the Citizens’ Safety Center Perebynosyuk Valentyn.

AC-5-40 (5309)-442A has been in operation since 2019

Video recall of the fire and rescue unit No. 8 in Sarny

Deputy Head of the Fire and Rescue Unit Vadim Kuzaka, Captain of the Civil Defense Service.

AC-8-50 (63022)-530M has been in operation since 2021.

Video recall of the fire and rescue unit No. 3, Kharkiv

Oleg Sinichenko, commander of department 3 of the State Fire and Rescue Unit.

AC-4-60 (530927)-515M has been in operation since 2020.