Over the past 4 years, the company has made a huge breakthrough in this direction – tens of millions of Ukrainian hryvnias have been invested in the development of production, which were mainly implemented for the purchase of equipment. In total, the company’s production facilities have received innovative equipment, mainly with numerical control over 26 different names.

 In particular, a robotized complex for welding trailer technology units was purchased – an international technical miracle, with which you can perform the most precise and finest welding work. There are no analogues of this high-tech equipment at domestic enterprises, we were one of the first to start its development and introduction into production! In order to use it for the best and most efficient use, the company has directed training software specialists, as well as electric welders, who are now actively engaged in mastering the complex.

In addition, the company has a number of machines and equipment used for quality metal processing.

It is a plasma-cutting machine, the use of which in production makes it possible to achieve the maximum accuracy and speed of metal processing according to the parameters, minimizes the possibility of error and, accordingly, positively affects the quality of products produced by the enterprise.

Knife-bending machine with CNC is a technique with high productivity, precision and economy, which allows you to make the most accurate bending angle.

Guillotine scissors with CNC, the main advantage of which is the automation of the process of cutting blanks, according to a given program, which allows, in turn, to significantly increase the efficiency of work and obtain the identity of products at the output. It is precisely this method of metal processing that is characterized by high productivity, durability, reliability and quality of work.

Станок пожмашина

This modern sheet metal processing is impossible without its proper storage, storage and transportation, especially during continuous loading and unloading of production machines in the process of production. Therefore, the main potential for increasing productivity is not only the number of metal-working machines, but also the system of automated storage of sheet metal in warehouses, because without proper storage it is difficult to organize a quick shipment and sorting of metal. The Company solved this problem by using an automatic sheet metal storage system. This allowed us to significantly reduce the processing time and to better control the production process.

However, virobnitstvo tekhnіki not complete the one lishyu with metal processing. Potry, napriklad, vidlati details. In our company, we see the need for extraordinary stoves, which are productive, economical, and exact. The installation of the equipment is equipped with a remote control panel for the control board, assigned for control and regulation of the smelting processes – on, switching on the furnaces, control of the pumps, control of the main furnace, indicators of the main parameters of the furnace and the control panel. The need to re-melt 250 kg has become for 1 year and at the same time it can be used 4 times less than power, in other words, with its own analogues. Already one-of-a-half-overstepping of furnaces є zbіlshennya produktivnost_ pratsі that bezpechnnest for prats_vnikіv.

Farbougne Before that, the preparation before the farbouwnnín building is followed by the addition of the shot-blasting camera cleaned to the metal, so that it is possible to earn the process of the farbouwena she’d bіlsh yaknіsnim, that the rest of the world will be covered.

Okrіm detailed view of the possessed, the virobnic workshops of the Company, equipments equipped with your own wreath, your home, your home, your home, your workplace, people, vertical milling machines, turnaround, and other, you can use the same stands for folding frames, pictograms and sharpenes;

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