The modern industrial enterprise “Pozhmashina” started its activities in 1928 in the form of small workshops. It produced sports equipment, furniture, lights and fire extinguishers.

And already in 1931 on the territory of the modern plant there is the first mechanical shop. In 1932, the scale of the production of fire extinguishers grew to 100 thousand units per year. At the same time, the production of support and grinding machines began, where later the production sites of the mechanical, press, experimental, instrumental workshop and our plant management will be located.

In 1934, the production of support and grinding machines grew to 5 and a half thousand units a year. On this wave of success began the construction of a new plant. Manufacturers wanted to completely replace the imported products, since a sanding and grinding machine was needed at each machine tractor station, each garage, each power plant, each plant and workshop.

“For hours, the Communards stood idle in front of the arrived equipment. On their shoulders they dragged machines, did not sleep at night, installing equipment and hotly arguing about who would work on these machines. And when the communards were instructed by the machines, they didn’t move away from them for days, studying them … ”- written in the historical supplement.

Thus, in the first half of the 30s, 150,000 fire extinguishers were produced at the plant, the same number of lanterns, furniture and working clothes. But in 1938 this figure is up to 560 thousand units. True, fire extinguishers are the main activity, and all production activities have been transferred to the system of the General Office of Fire Equipment of the People’s Commissariat of General Mechanical Engineering. Independent factories and factories become shops under the sole leadership of the plant management. The plant is given the name of Pryluky Fire Fighting Plant.

From other types of products at this time, fire stairs, three-way ladders, gyropultillas, electric saws, electric motors and car bodies were manufactured. At least this was the case before the war period.

In 1941 the plant had to be evacuated with all equipment to the Urals. Then at its capacities more than 3 years was produced military products to provide the front, including weapons and fire extinguishers for combat vehicles.

Upon the completion of hostilities in 1944, work was begun on the restoration of the plant already in the territory of Ladan. The former war veterans began to return to the factory. And less than two years later, the production of fire extinguishers was restored. In addition, the development of products of fire automatics began.

But the 1947th year became a sign for the company, because then released the first fire truck PMG-3. It was a pump on the chassis of a 1,5-ton GAZ-AA truck. The pump was mounted on the front bumper of the car with a drive through the ratchet crank handle.

At the end of the 40-ies was released for 270 cars a year.

And already in the early 1950s, a design bureau was created, whose team developed and implemented a series of fire trucks. Thus, PMZ-9 and PMZ-10 appeared – modern machines with passenger cabin for fighters, a closed body for technical equipment and a rear placement of a pump with a productivity of 25 l / sec. Issue of such cars reached 617 units a year!

But in 1954 the first fire truck with high pass through the chassis ZIS-151 – PMZ-13 was created. This machine had a carbon dioxide installation of eight 50-liter cylinders. In 1955, the fire-fighting machines PMZ-17 began to be launched with a capacity of up to 2150 liters of tank and 150 liters of foam reservoir. The pump performance was increased to 30 l / sec. Already in 1956 the plant replenished the product line ПМЗ-16 for service of oil and gas storage facilities. The capacity of the hopper for flushing was 2450 kg.

In 1958, the plant began production of all-metal bodies. The prototype PMZ-27 was already equipped with a pump of the new model PN-30K with a console impeller. Its issue reached 750 units per year.

In 1962, the first batch of fire truck tankers for the northern regions was launched on the ZIL-157K and PMZ-42 chassis. The production of the airplane service model of the model PMZ-56A on the same chassis was organized. The car was equipped with an electric heater of water and an electric heater of the cabin.

In 1964, an AH-6 chimney extinguishing machine was produced, in which the powder sputtered and transported through aeration. The new car had three times more fire extinguishers. In the same year the first model of the mobile pumping station on the chassis ZIL-157K PNS-100 with a capacity of 100 l / sec was developed.

In 1965, the first series of cars with a fixed offshore barrel PMZ-27 was released. Power of the trunk – up to 500 liters per minute. That is, over 7 years, 22 new types of products were released.

Since 1953, the plant has been actively operating for export. Products were in demand in different countries: Bulgaria, Korea, Poland, South Africa, Guinea, Ethiopia, Asia, India, Pakistan, Cuba and Mali.

1970 -1975 gg. – engine heater UMP-350 on a ZIL-131 chassis was made. A prototype of a fire truck for extinguishing forest fires on a crawler floating on-the-road VPL-149 was made.

1975-1980 – the fire truck of the aerodrome service AA-60 on the MAZ-7310 chassis and then the aerodrome car of the combined extinguishing of AA- (7313) 220

1980-1985 – Sample tank-thermos ADPT-5.0 was manufactured. The first powder extinguishing car on the KAMAZ-53213 model 196 was mastered. The first cars on the ZIL diesel model 197.118A, 181A.01 were manufactured. The production of the forest extinguishing unit on the chassis of the tractor T-150 model 177. The modernized tank-vehicles AD-40 (131) 137A and AC-40/3 (131) 137A-01 were manufactured on the ZIL-131 chassis.

1985-1990 – a batch of powder extinguishing machines was manufactured on the chassis of the floating tractor DT-10P for inaccessible areas of the taiga and extreme north. The tank-truck AT-40/3 (131С) 153А for the northern regions was manufactured. The AR2 (43105) -215 sleeve machine is manufactured on the all-wheel drive KamAZ. The aerodrome car AA-40 (43105) 189 and AP-2 (43105) 215 was manufactured on the chassis KAMAZ-43105.

1990-1995 – Serial production of AP-4 (43105) 222 on a four-wheel drive KAMAZ has been mastered. The production of automobile tankers AD-40 (130) 63B and AC-40 (131) 137A with a pump NSC-40/100 of own production has been mastered. Produced farm cars on the ZIL and KAMAZ chassis.

1996-1997 – a prototype tanker AT-40/4 (433104) 250-01 was manufactured on a diesel chassis ZIL-433104 with a double cab and own combined pump PNPK-40 / 100-4 / 400.

During the period from 1951 to 1990, the plant produced more than 90 thousand fire trucks, mainly on the ZIL chassis. The main object of production were tank cars (about 84% of all cars produced).