About the company


Limited Liability Company «INDUSTRIAL COMPANY “POZHMASHINA” is a leading manufacturer of fire-fighting and specialized vehicles and equipment. Thanks to the great scientific-technical and industrial potential, highly qualified employees and modern production facilities  the company is the  leader in providing customers in Ukraine and other countries with fire, rescue and specialized technique.

     The company  constantly expands the range of manufactured equipment, the development of production, improve the design of vehicles, development of new technologies, organize the work with consumers. It is the real key to sustainability positions in the modern industrial market of fire fighting equipment and comprehensive growth of the company.


Work to order

Principal activity – manufacture and realization:

  • fire tankers;
  • first aid fire cars;
  • airfield fire trucks;
  • pump hose and hose trucks, auto pump stations;
  • combined and powder extinguishing fire trucks;
  • gas and water extinguishing fire trucks;
  • specialized technique for extinguishing  wood fires; 
  • emergency rescue and gas rescue service trucks;
  • specialized water jet trucks;
  • steam plants and engine heaters;
  • ambulances;
  • thermos tankers for transportation of technical and aggressive fluids (oil products and acids);
  • agricultural technique : dump trucks, dump trailers, dump semitrailers, overload storage hopper;
  • fire-fighting equipment: centrifugal and vacuum pumps, spare parts to fire trucks and specialized technique. 

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