The best solution for saving equipment

The harvest season is gaining momentum. Agricultural machinery works in the fields from morning till late evening, dry and hot weather is added to everything.
More and more often we see unhappy news from the fields – a combine harvester, a grain truck or even a whole field caught fire. The reasons can be various – from banal negligence, malfunction or overheating of equipment and to arson, as happened in a barley field near Bila Tserkva.
Farmers need to use time as efficiently as possible to reap a good harvest without unnecessary losses and troubles.
How to protect yourself, your crops and equipment from the fire? How to effectively localize the fire before the rescuers arrive? It is necessary to have a maneuverable and fast fire truck with a sufficient supply of extinguishing agent, a powerful pump and the necessary equipment.
We have the following solution – FT-3,0-40 (EX8) -477H
Thanks to its small size and wheel formula, 4×2 provides a quick arrival at the scene of an emergency, moving freely, both on narrow streets, easily overcoming areas where tree branches are not pruned, and field paths. The water supply of 3000 l (3 m³) is optimal for operative localization of fire.
The tank truck is designed in such a way that it can be equipped with a sufficient number of VET and APO, depending on the wishes of the customer.
You can get acquainted with the model in detail at the link FT-3,0-40 (ЕХ8)-477Н


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