Test drive of the new AC!

It’s good to see a new fire and rescue vehicle, but it’s even better to test it!
Rescuers from Rivne, Poltava and Kharkiv regions, who came to us in the Company, had such a unique and extraordinary opportunity!

To work effectively with the AC in the event of an emergency 🔥, it is necessary to use it conveniently.
Our guests had the opportunity to check it for ergonomics, they offered a list of desirable tests themselves, and we gave some advice!

So during the inspection and testing 🚒 rescuers checked:

  • convenience of boarding and disembarking of personnel
  •  safety of personnel in the cabin when moving AC
  •  convenience of dressing of the device when driving on emergency situations
  • deployment from AC to 1 trunk and 2 working lines
  • installation of AC on PV with supply of portable gun barrel
  • removal of VET from the AC (for the convenience of location)
  •  water supply from the bumper gun barrel in motion and in a static position
  • operation of the irrigation system

In the photos to this post, you can see the brightest moments, and the full version is expected very soon in our videos!

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