We create a unique technique for the sake of life

The mission of our company is to create unique equipment for life!
This is especially acute during the war in our country …
Fire and rescue vehicles operate virtually without rest in particularly “hot” parts of the country.
After a vicious enemy attack on oil depots, rescuers worked around the clock to put out the fire.
The work was performed on our fire trucks, model 535M
On a large-scale fire at the oil depot in Dubno, the fire truck ADC EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10 / 300-2 with the lucky number “112” worked for 18 hours on the fire reservoir, which provided uninterrupted water supply to two gun barrels for cooling tanks.
It is in this car that the fire pump of our production in 2021 – EN 1028-1 FPN 10-3000 – is installed.
Skeptics said – “show him at work”, “time will tell what he is capable of” …
So, our car with our pump worked CONTINUOUSLY for 18 hours !!!
We have created a pump that is not inferior to European counterparts.
And this is not the only case.
During a large-scale fire at the oil depot in the village of Klevan, our tank truck, again, worked with our pump to supply the gun barrel for 13 hours in a row.
We prove that Ukrainian manufacturers are able to produce quality and reliable equipment!
Thank you to every employee of the Company, because this is our common achievement!
Let’s win together!

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