Our technique is love!

Do you know where the technique starts 🚒? Of metal? From quality processing 🎛? From innovative technologies 🕹? This is all definitely important ❗️
However, we are convinced that our technique begins with love ❤️

Out of love for your work, profession and, ultimately, all the work you do!
And our employees support us in this belief!

Stanislav Yakymenko works as an electric welder of manual welding in the procurement and welding shop of the Company.
He has been with us for many years, came here for an internship and “attached” his heart to the welding business.
He was taught the intricacies of work by his father, who also worked for us, and his mother was a turner.

“When I first came to study at the factory 🏭, I was very shocked, surprised and thought:“ How can you make such a beauty out of metal? Later, he started doing it himself and even then he realized that anything is possible! The main thing is to have a desire.

There are tasks of varying complexity, sometimes it is necessary to apply great skill to make the right, durable seam. But I’m not alone! I work in a team, I have a reliable partner. We already understand each other without words – everyone knows what to do and does.
I love my job, colleagues and the team as a whole! ”

This is how our welder speaks warmly about the seemingly “cold” work with metal.
We fully support it! Professionalism, enthusiasm for their work and a well-coordinated team 🤝 – the key to the development of the Company and each of its employees!

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