Support for the bill on localization of production

On June 26 in Lviv on Electron the Federation of Employers of Ukraine held a presentation of the bill on localization of production. Localization of production is new plants and technologies, high added value, jobs.

The authors and initiators of the localization bill say that in the midst of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, Ukraine does not have the opportunity to “flood” its economy with the example of Western countries or China. But we can demand that goods purchased by the state be at least partially manufactured in Ukraine. Thus, to create a market for those companies that are ready to develop production in our country.
Dmytro Kysylevskyi and Roksolana Pidlas, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Economic Development, said that the bill proposed the introduction of a new criterion for evaluating tender proposals “localization of production.” Simplified – this is how many components in the cost of creating a particular technique in the field of mechanical engineering “comes from Ukraine”.

It is planned that if the bill on localization of production becomes the Law of Ukraine, reports will take place:

🔹 how many jobs are saved, how many jobs are created,
🔹 what new technologies have entered Ukraine,
🔹 how many taxes were paid.

Ukrainian industry does not need support, it needs a state policy that exists in all civilized countries of the world.

CEO of Pozhmashina Company Oleg Averyanov supported this bill in his report!
In his speech, he spoke about the importance of localization in the production of fire and rescue equipment in Ukraine, the mechanisms for creating jobs and the effect that the state will receive.

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