Summing up the year. Perspectives and plans.

Today our Company summed up the results of the company’s work for the previous year and discussed plans for the future, at the level of the entire workforce.
“If it’s hard for you, then you go up the mountain. If it’s easy for you, then you fly into the abyss …” (Henry Ford) – following this statement by CEO Oleg Averyanov
told how to work and what to focus on the Company in the growing economic crisis and fierce competition.

During the presentation we discussed our strengths and weaknesses, conducted an analysis of costs and revenues of the company, analysis of competitors’ markets and the necessary steps for further growth of the Company.
The HP sphere was discussed in terms of expanding and deepening the knowledge of employees, improving their skills and professional skills.
“We must all work together, give ourselves 100% to our cause! Only in this way will we prove that Ukrainian means better! Our equipment is already competing with European counterparts! The main thing is to understand that we are one team and a team that is focused on the best result! ” – summed up Oleg Averyanov

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