Summing up the work team

In our company there are meetings, there are strategic sessions, there are operatives … But the most massive event is a meeting of the staff directly in the shop!
Usually we will sell them twice a year. And the end of this year is no exception!
During the rally of CEO “Pozhmashina” Oleg Averyanov first of all thanked all employees who made every effort 💪 to fulfill the contract with the SES of Ukraine🚒🇺🇦. He also noted the challenges facing the Company in the coming 2022, namely:
👉 next year will be very difficult, but thanks to the experience we will definitely go through any difficulties ❗️
👉 we have become stronger💪, and the strong in the market are not liked, but they are counted!
👉 This year we have satisfied our customers, so they respect us and know that no one but us could fulfill such an order. There is a hard fight ahead for contracts❗️
👉 The energy crisis gives a new impetus to the development of the energy modernization program, which we have already started and will continue.

With congratulations on the New Year and Christmas, with wishes of good health, prosperity, peace and harmony in families and Ukraine, the Company’s staff goes on holiday🎄

In a few days, our design bureau and shops will start daily work on the production of modern, high-quality and reliable equipment for Ukraine🇺🇦 and Europe🇪🇺

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