About fire equipment from a different angle

We are used to fire engines being red 🚒❓
Then we’ll show that not everyone has to be red!

In the 1️⃣ photo – a fire truck for patrolling the forest on an all-terrain chassis. This is our development this year. This car is already in the service of forest protection from 🔥 in the Kyiv region. Details 👉 ALP-7 (55S18)-538І
In the 2️⃣ photo – a specialized tank truck for transporting drinking water.
Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly, such cars also belong to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Only they do not belong to the main class, like fire trucks. They belong to special purpose vehicles. Details about this car 👉 ACTP-12

And to exclude #betrayal:

  • the color scheme of fire tankers of our production will continue to comply with DSTU
  • “why not KRAZ”, “where is KRAZ” – because we don’t know where KRAZ is and where KRAZ is, ask in Kremenchuk
  •  “why are you writing about new products at such a time” – and how to sell? is everyone who cares ready to provide taxes to the state and salaries of people every month? Not ready! So it’s better to carefully watch what you post on social networks, what you say on the phone and generally close your eyes to the pro-russian views of those around you…

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