Timely warranty and service is a guarantee of reliability in an emergency.

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We organize and perform the following types of work for our clients:

  • maintenance and repair in the warranty and post-warranty periods of operation;
  • full fulfillment of warranty obligations;
  • work to assess customer satisfaction with the quality of maintenance and repair;
  • develop and issue operational and repair documentation;
  • we create a network of enterprises for maintenance and repair;
  • we provide enterprises that perform maintenance and repair of our equipment, as well as equipment owners with spare parts;
  • we plan, organize and conduct training of specialists of the service of maintenance and repair of enterprises that perform these types of work.

And also we constantly improve and expand the services connected with maintenance and repair of our equipment in the course of its operation, for fuller satisfaction of requirements of our clients:

  • we train users of our equipment;
  • eliminate defects detected during the warranty period of operation, within the time limits established by the legislation of Ukraine;
  • we analyze the received claims and the revealed defects, and the further development of corrective and
    preventive measures to eliminate them;
  • introduce corrective and preventive measures in production in order to eliminate defects and eliminate the causes of their recurrence;
  • we manufacture and sell spare parts to ensure all types of equipment repairs;
  • we analyze assessments of customer satisfaction with the quality of work performed.