Rescuers are visiting us

🚒 We are the Company  that is open to everyone!
Anyone who wants to see how the production of modern Ukrainian equipment takes place, can visit us for a meaningful and interesting tour!
🚒And it is interesting because we have real professionals 🧑‍🔧👩‍💼👨‍🏭, people are in love❤️ with their work! They talk about machines, equipment and processes so that you can hear!
The rescuers from Sarny, Rivne region, saw this with their own eyes and ears!
🚒 They came to us not to take photos from Facebook or videos on YouTube, to see production тех and equipment, but to talk live with the top management of the Company and people working on fire equipment, ask questions ❓, learn something new and interesting about production.
🚒And their plan succeeded! Impressions from what they saw and heard are only positive😊 And, in fact, we are waiting for them on the page Fire and Rescue Sarny
🚒And, if you personally want to see the production of modern equipment for rescuers 👩‍🚒, how Ukrainian engineering works, develops and lives, we invite you to us!
We guarantee a meaningful and full day 👍!

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