Water jet special truck АВС-50 (43118)-285.01


Water jet special truck АВС-50 (43118)-285.01 is designed for  counteraction to the groups of persons defiat a public peace, prevention and control of unauthorized  demonstrations, by affecting them streams of water and other special facilities, " marking" of citizens, by splashing on them mixtures of water with dye, video and photographies and serves for delivery to destination of crew, water, and also other special facilities. In case of necessity the truck can be used as a fire-fighting vehicle.


Mass of the car with full load, kg


The number of places for combat crew, people


Overall dimensions (length: width: height), mm


Water supply, m3 (l)

6,0 (6000)

Tank for dye

0,3 (300)

Tank for active mixture

(tear gas) 3 pcs. 0.027 m3 (27 l) – 0.081 (81)

Frother, not less

0,15 (150)

Pump capacity, l/min (l/sec)

10 bar and suction height 1.5 m, l / min (l / s), not less than 3000 (50)

Pump head, m

1,0 (10) МПа (bar)

Maximum geometric suction lift, m


Duration of filling the pump at the highest geometric suction height, s, not more


Frother Dispenser

water jet ejector

Frother dispenser,%


Type of water filling system

autonomous, vacuum pump, slide type, electrically driven

Engine of self-contained drive of fire-fighting pump and system of remote control

MMZ D-245.30 type diesel with turbocharging

Power, kWt

110,2 (149,8)

fuel supply

from tank chassis

Fire monitors

upper 1pcs.

nominal flow rate, l / s

2000 (33)

horizontal rotation angle


angle of rotation in the vertical plane, degree

from -16 to +68 in front, left and right / from +4 to +68 behind

rotation speed, deg / s, not less than


Controlling the fire monitors

remote from the cockpit, electric installation location roof body

jet feed range


water supply at a distance of 10 m from the car

secured in front, left and right

The composition of the jet

water, water and dye

jet feeding types


Trunk bumper

1 pcs.

nominal flow at a pressure of 1 MPa (10 bar, l / min l / s)

1200 (20)

horizontal rotation angle


rotation speed, deg / s, not less than


Controlling the fire monitors

remote out of the cab, electrical installation location front bumper

the location of the water jet at a distance of 15 m from the car at a height of 1 ÷ 1.2 m

is provided

The composition of the jet

water, water and dye

jet feeding types


The composition of the jet

jet feed

number of nozzles, pieces

3, 6 over the wheels

flow rate at a pressure of 0.8 MPa (8 bar (kgf / cm2, l / min (l / s), no less than

60 (1)

The composition of the jet

tear gas

number of nozzles, pieces


spray angle, hail


range of the jet, m, not less


nozzle placement

2 pieces – in front; 2 pcs. – behind; on 3 pieces – on the left, on the right

Obstacle removal system


CCTV and recording system


Additional Information

System of clearing obstacles:

Front barrage device is installed in front of truck’s cab and it is provided with remote control drive of lifting and lowing ( driving into operation position) It provide clearing of obstacles with frontal loading till 1 ton) Remote control (from cab)- electrically-pneumatic type. Executive mechanisms of hydraulic type. Arrangement of barrage device does not block front headlights.

A control stand is set in cab in zone of maintenance of driver.

System of videosupervision and record  

It consists of : chamber (main) and microphone installed at upper monitor and microphone installed at upper monitor, devices of digital record and reporducing, two monitors, chamber on cab and two control stands.

A management by the orientation of basic chamber is provided through corresponding management by monitor on that it is set, remote control(from cab) – electrically driven.

An additional chamber on truck’s cab provides control of zone around truck, not dependency upon position and work of upper monitor. Management by the functions of chamber is remote control type (from driver’s cab) – electrically driven. Control stands are set in cab in the zone of maintenance of commander and operator.

System of spraying active mixture (tear gas):