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Universal fire escape (PUL)


A universal, American-style fire ladder that can be used as a stick and assault ladder. It has two working positions - with the hooks dropped and without, equipped with a reliable spring mechanism for fixing them. Ladder length - 4215 mm, width - 416 mm, height with folded hooks - 80 mm, with unfolded - 250 mm, hook outreach from the inner surface of gravity - 160 mm, its angle of rotation - 90 ° Designed to perform work at a level above human height and to rise to the first floors of buildings or roofs of one-story buildings. Depending on the situation or need, it can be used with a sliding fire ladder or car ladder. Production is carried out in accordance with the registered specifications.


Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 421.5 x 41.6 x 8 cm