ATSPT- 9,5


The tank truck is equipped with a drinking water tank and is designed for its transportation and short-term storage. The thermal insulation of the tank does not allow the liquid temperature to change by more than 2 ° C within 10 hours at a temperature difference between the liquid and the environment (30 ± 2) ° C.



9,5 (9500)

tank material

нержавеющая сталь

Number of sections, pcs


Internal diameter of a mouth, mm

500, 2 горловины

Type of water filling system

наливом от постороннего источника

Tank emptying system

Gravity (drift)

Thermal insulation of the tank:


Tank heating system

от выхлопных газов автомобиля

Sleeve for filling the tank or emptying by gravity:


conditional pass, mm, DN


pcs x length, m

2 х 4

Base chassis


Wheel formula


Mass of the car with full load, kg


Technically permissible load capacity, kg


Curb weight, kg, not more




Environmental standard


Power (max), kW (hp)

176 (240)

Type of wheels and tires

дисковые, 315/80R22,5

Fuel tank capacity, l, not less


Speed (max), with full load, km / h


Brake system


Cabin quick calculation

малая 6501

Towing device

имеется вилка

overhang angle, degree:




Additional Information

The tank truck consists of the following main components: a frame, a tank, water communications, additional electrical equipment and a heating system. Manufactured on a car chassis.

In accordance with its purpose, the tank truck equipment can perform the following operations:

– filling the tank through the filler neck;

– filling the tank with an external pump;

– drainage by gravity.

For access to the necks, the tank is equipped with ladders with handrails and platforms along the sides.

Water tank

The tank is designed for transportation and short-term storage of drinking water.

The tank with a capacity of at least 9500 liters, one-section, made of stainless steel 12X18H10T (or similar) with a thickness of 3 mm, is a welded elliptical structure with thermal insulation.

Three wave absorbers are installed inside the tank, which reduce fluid fluctuations during transportation. For maintenance of the tank, there are two necks that are closed with quick-release covers. Breathing valves are installed on the lids to allow filling or emptying the tank without opening the lids.

The tank is mounted on a frame and secured with five belts.

The tank is equipped with a vehicle chassis exhaust heating system.

Intermediate frame

The frame is an all-metal welded structure made of channels and rolled metal with five cradles for installing a tank.

The design of the lodgements protects the tank from deformation (twisting) during angular vibrations of the chassis frame.

The frame is attached to the chassis frame with ladders through rubber dampers.

Safety requirements

The tank truck is manufactured in accordance with the requirements:

– DSTU UN / ECE R58-01: 2002 – in terms of requirements regarding the installation of rear protection;

– DSTU UN / ECE R48-02: 2002 – regarding the requirements for the installation of lighting devices.


The tank truck is painted with a two-component paint coating from EU manufacturers on a previously primed surface with primer from the same manufacturer and has a high and long-term corrosion resistance in the absence of physical damage to the coating.

The color of the superstructure is dark blue or another at the request of the customer, the color of the cab of the base chassis is the standard cab (the cab is not repainted, or another at the customer’s request).


 Item No. Name Unit of me-nt Amount 
1 First aid kit automobile medical pcs. 1*
2 Warning triangle pcs. 1*
3 Automotive support shoe pcs. 2*
4 Fire extinguisher VP-2 (z) (OP-2) pcs. 1*
5 Sleeve 5-09-01-00, DN50, L = 4 m pcs. 2
6 Dispensing comb pcs. 1
7 Spare parts for a tanker truck in accordance with the spare parts list set 1
8 Tools and accessories in accordance with the list of the manufacturer of the vehicle chassis set 1*
9 Key К50 – 80 pcs. 2