Emergency response in a big city

FT-60 (TGM 15.250)-164


The fire truck FT-60 (TGM 15.250)-164 is intended for delivery to the fire site of the combat crew, fire extinguishing equipment, fire-fighting and technical equipment (PTV) and serves to extinguish fires with water and air-mechanical foam.


Dimensions 7,500 x 2,450 x 3,250 cm
Base chassis

MAN TGM 15.250 4х2 BL

Maximum engine power, kWt (h.p.)

184 (250)

Speed (max), with full load, km / h


The number of places for combat crew, people

1 +6

Water supply, m3 (l)

4,7 (4700)

Type of water filling system

Autonomous, semi-automatic with vane electrically driven pump

Pump capacity, l/min (l/sec)

3600 (60)

Pump head, m


Maximum geometric suction lift, m


Duration of filling the pump at the highest geometric suction height, s, not more