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AC-3,0-40 (ЕХ8)-477Н


The FT-3,0-40 (EX8) -477H tanker fire truck is designed specifically for object fire departments and united territorial communities. Provides rapid arrival at the scene of an emergency and prompt localization of the fire due to the sufficient content of extinguishing agents. The compact dimensions of the car allow you to move through narrow streets, easily overcoming areas where no tree branches are pruned. The tanker truck is designed in such a way that it can be equipped with enough fire fighting equipment depending on the customer's wishes.


Weight 7,800 kg
Dimensions 7,565 x 2,250 x 2,480 cm
Base chassis

Hyundai EX8

Wheel formula


Maximum engine power, kWt (h.p.)

125 (170)

Speed (max), with full load, km / h


The number of places for combat crew, people


The stock of extinguishing agents, m3 (l)

3 (3000)-en

Type of water filling system

autonomous, semi-automatic, with electrically operated sliding vane pump


single-stage centrifugal НЦП-40/100-Р-Р

Pump capacity, l/min (l/sec)

2400 (40)

Pump head, m


Maximum geometric suction lift, m


Duration of filling the pump at the highest geometric suction height, s, not more