"Baby" for five tons - easily extinguish everything around

АCP EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10/3000-2


Tank fire ACP EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10/3000-2 (code according to the European standard) is intended for delivery to the place of fire of combat calculation, fire extinguishing means, fire-technical armament (PTO) and serves for fire extinguishing by water and air-mechanical foam. Car on all-wheel drive chassis with the possibility of wheel and axle locking. The fire truck is designed for both urban and rural areas.


Weight 15,000 kg
Dimensions 9,100 x 2,600 x 3,380 cm
Base chassis

MAZ 53092J

Wheel formula


Maximum engine power, kWt (h.p.)

289 (393)

Speed (max), with full load, km / h


The number of places for combat crew, people


Water supply, m3 (l)

5 (5000)


FPN 10-3000 JOHSTADT, FPN 10-3000 Pozchmachina, FPN 10-3000 Rosenbauer

Type of water filling system

Automatic built-in pump

Pump capacity, l/min (l/sec)

3000 (50)

Pump head, m

100 (1.0 MPа / 10 bар)

Additional Information

Additionally, the tanker has:

  • Fireco pneumatic mast, equipped with a remote electric drive mechanism for tilting and turning the spotlights and a multifunctional remote control. The mast has two LED floodlights with a capacity of at least 250 W powered by a generator and two LED floodlights with a capacity of at least 80 W with a supply voltage of 24 V, powered by the onboard power supply.
  • FPN 10-3000 fire pump with a nominal supply of at least 3000 l / min and a pressure of at least 10 bar. The pump is equipped with a counter of duration of work which shows the general duration of work of the concrete unit. On the control panel in a pump compartment control of pressure of oil and temperature of cooling liquid in the engine of the tank truck is provided, the button of an emergency stop of the engine is available.
  • Garmin DezlCam 785 LMT-D GPS navigation and video recording system
  • Self-firing socket for charging electrical equipment from an external network
  • Irrigation system with remote control (consists of 4 sprinkler-type sprays installed in the wheel arches, for water supply or air-mechanical foam)
  • Bauer compressor for refueling breathing apparatus cylinders
  • Detachable electric fan Leader with 220 V electric drive

Learn more about the ADC EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10 / 3000-2 in the video.