Rural security

AC-8-50 (63022)-530М


Tanker fire truck FT-8-50 (63022)-530М is intended for delivery to the place of fire of combat calculation, fire extinguishing means, fire and technical armament and serves for extinguishing fires with water and air-mechanical foam. The car on the all-wheel drive chassis with a possibility of interwheel and interaxle blocking. The fire truck is designed primarily for areas with waterless areas and off-road conditions.


Weight 16,640 kg
Dimensions 10,380 x 2,600 x 3,380 cm
Base chassis


Wheel formula


Maximum engine power, kWt (h.p.)

289 (393)

Speed (max), with full load, km / h


The number of places for combat crew, people


Water supply, m3 (l)

8 (8000)


FPN 10-3000 JOHSTADT, FPN 10-3000 Pozchmachina, FPN 10-3000 Rosenbauer

Type of water filling system

Automatic built-in pump

Pump capacity, l/min (l/sec)

3000 (50)

Pump head, m

170 (1,7 МPа / 17 bar)

Additional Information

In addition to the equipment that has already become standard for fire trucks of our production, such as a winch with a traction force of 9 tons, a thermal imager, group and individual lights, walkie-talkies, etc., this tank truck has many novelties. (For more details, see the description of AC-4-60 (530927) -515M). First of all, you should pay attention to such updates as:

  • mast in the middle of the body with 24V and 220V lights;
  • smoke extractor with sleeve for high multiplicity foam;
  • inverter 24V / 220V;
  • hydraulic tool for unclamping and cutting with autonomous power supply;
  • floating motor pump and suction net, which take water from the surface of the water;
  • a new mechanism for removing the three-knee ladder.

For convenience of extinguishing of ecosystems the tank truck has a gun barrel on a bumper with remote control.

The protective grilles of lanterns, lights, stroboscopes and reflectors have also been updated – now they are made of stainless steel.

See more details in the video review: