AC-4-60 (150Е28W)-525I 


The fire truck  FT-4-60 (150E28W)-525I is intended for transportation of personnel of operational calculation, extinguishing agents and fire-fighting equipment (PTO) and emergency rescue equipment (ARO) for extinguishing fires and carrying out fire-rescue works. The tanker truck can be used in cities, rural settlements, industrial areas by units of the fire department as a stand alone combat unit, or as a pumping unit when operating "pumping" with one or more other tanker trucks.


Weight 9,800 kg
Dimensions 8,500 x 2,600 x 3,000 cm
Base chassis

Iveco Eurocargo 150E28W MLD Cab

Wheel formula


Maximum engine power, kWt (h.p.)

205 (278)

Speed (max), with full load, km / h


The number of places for combat crew, people

1 +6

Water supply, m3 (l)

4 (4000)

Type of water filling system

Autonomous, semi-automatic with vane electrically driven pump


centrifugal PN-60B-R-R

Pump capacity, l/min (l/sec)

3600 (60)

Pump head, m


Maximum geometric suction lift, m


Duration of filling the pump at the highest geometric suction height, s, not more


Additional Information

The fire truck  is additionally equipped with:

  • Runva winch with a maximum tractive effort of 7.9 tons
  • Lighting mast to provide emergency lighting and space around the vehicle’s AC with four LED spotlights 220V and 24V Elevation from ground level – 6 m.
  • Emergency and rescue equipment
  • GPS navigation and video recording system, which consists of a GPS module with a built-in navigator and video recorder, as well as a connected rearview camera.