АЦ-4-60 (530927)-515М – ПОЖМАШИНА





Power (max), kW (hp)

243 (330)

Speed (max), with full load, km / h


The number of places for combat crew, people

1 +6

Water, not less

4 (4000)

Frother, not less

0,4 (400)

Type of water filling system

NVE-24 Autonomous, semi-automatic

Length of pressure hoses, m


Fire monitors

Manually operated stationary trunk Protek Style 622

Number of hand barrels



centrifugal ПН-60Б-Р-Р

Pump feed, l / s


Pump head, m


nominal rotational speed, RPM


Maximum geometric suction lift, m


Duration of filling the pump at the highest geometric suction height, s, not more


Overall dimensions (length: width: height), mm

8950: 2550: 3400

Mass of the car with full load, kg


Additional Information

If we take into account the general view of the fire truck AT-4-60 (530927) -515M, the reflexive marking in accordance with UNECE Regulation No. 104 (00) is affixed to the side and rear surface of the superstructure, as well as additional yellow and red reflective lanes, the cab is painted according to current DSTU 3849: 2018 with red front doors. The base chassis MAZ-530905 was replaced by MAZ-530927 and put the most powerful Weichai Power WP10.380 engine with a power of 280 kW (380 hp). An updated gearbox on Fast Gear 9JS200TA and a water separator for a more qualitative Wabco or Knorr. A quick connecting head is installed to power the pneumatic braking system of the towed vehicle and new forward towing devices: two loops of the “Shackle” type with a permissible load of 9.5 tons per each. The rear protective device is equipped with a new, more convenient, stationary platform for the operator of the pump installation. The car contains a diesel autonomous heater of the pump compartment: Webasto AirTop Evo 40 with adjustable heating capacity from 1,5 to 4,0 kW and protection class IP 54. The stand-alone heater has a separate fuel tank with capacity of 10 liters.

The new pump module ПН-60БА is equipped with:

  1. Latches with flywheels made of anticorrosive materials, equipped with a handle for quick opening, and the handle itself is made of composite-polymer material on a metal rod.
  2. Ergonomic arms.
  3. Suction pipe of smaller diameter (125 mm).
  4. Latch for refueling the tank from the pump.
  5. New type of pipelines to manovacuments.
  6. Control knife for oil.
  7. Improved vacuum system: reinforced ball vacuum crane, increased tank for oil of a vacuum pump (3 l), a rinse filter of fine purification, tank-tank and pipelines of transparent reinforced sleeves.

The control panel in the pump compartment is equipped with an oil pressure indicator in the engine of the car chassis with an electric buzzer, as well as an analogue indicator of the temperature of the coolant in the engine of the car chassis. The emergency stop button of the engine is installed. The cab of the base chassis of the car is additionally equipped with 3 sockets “cigarette lighter”. They allow you to connect various devices to the machine’s on-board power supply. There is also a new, more convenient location of radio control panels, it is located on the upper panel of the car.

A new, more comfortable location for control panels for the signal-loudspeaker installation on the upper panel, is the same as the location of the fire suppressor fuse block. The new compact audio signal beam ARTEX 88 SP LED replaces the cylindrical beacons of the priority signaling system, which reduces the height of the add-on. The beam is protected by stainless steel safety lattices. The new beam-beam beacons of the ARTEX 6 LED system of priority signaling are established. Each lighthouse is protected by protective lattices also from stainless steel.

New additional equipment appeared:

Автомобильная цистерна

  1. Water collector VZ-125 (instead of VZ-150), which is located on the suction sleeve.
  2. STIHL Profi canister combined with special funnels and storage space for accessories.
  3. Sleeve fire pressure Specpria Aquasuila T51, with two imposed heads GRN-50 protected with indistinguishable rubber or polymer protective cuffs.
  4. Sleeve fire pressure Specpria Aquasuila T77, with two pressure heads GRN-80 protected with indistinguishable rubber or polymer protective cuffs.
  5. Grid sucking SV-125.
  6. Thermovision camera (thermal imager) Flir K2.
  7. Motorpump portable E7 Group MP 05 SP UA.
  8. Protective cones with signal lanterns.
  9. Medical Nursing Rigid Solid Biomed A18.
  10. Tow cable 6322-3907010 (KrAZ).
  11. Compressor Metabo Power 250-10 W OF.

Pneumatic panels with controls and controls are fully assembled in the front left-hand body of the body, closer to the driver. The installation of the VTO on the roof of the car is reflected in the new layout of the sleeve pillars, which resulted in a reduction in the height of the superstructure, as well as a new fire sucking sleeve type “B” of a smaller diameter of 125 mm with two heads GDV-125, mounting GRE-125 heads to the sleeve is reinforced aluminum clamps, and a new fire pressure-suction arm of the type “НВ” with two heads ГРВ-80, mounting ГРВ-80 heads to the sleeve is also carried out by reinforced aluminum clamps.

As for the equipment of the cockpit of the tanker, it has a new seat combined with СК2 for respiratory devices, disconnecting of devices from an attachment is carried out by a lever under the left arm. An individual seat cushion has an extra built-in armchair. All steps (stands) of the operational cabin are stationary. The fire superstructure also has a new design – the body panels profile is now straightforward.

Автомобильные цистерны

Increased middle compartments of the left and right bodies – for more convenient access by the firefighters.

Pump compartment closed type, separated by removable aluminum panels from the compartments for the equipment.

The installed roller doors are equipped with a horizontal sealant for removing moisture and dirt residues during their firing. These doors are equipped with new spring-inertial mechanisms, resulting in the opening or closing of the door roller system is carried out effortlessly, moving one hand.

A new electric winch Runva EWB20000 with a maximum traction force of 9,072 tons with a metal cable of 11-13 mm thickness, length 28 + 0,5 m, a poly-stylus block and a rigid protective folding on gas shock absorbers is provided with a cover made of aluminum sheets. The winch is fixed on a solid-metal structure with footboards on both sides. The case protects it from pollution, and if necessary, it can stand.