Paintball is a unifying game

And you know that paintball balls were first made by Nelson paints in 1960, at the request of the American Forest Service to provide a reliable way to mark trees at a distance.

And only on June 7, 1981 in the city of New York 🗽 the first game in the history of paintball took place, in which 12 people took part.

Then the winner was the forester Richie White 🌲. To win, he did not fire a single shot, but simply collected all his flags 🚩 unnoticed by others.

And in the game teams of our technologists and manufacturers, there were no winners or losers!
We just decided to have fun ℹ, with excitement and benefit to spend time after work. And we succeeded!

Our colleagues opened up from a completely different side! They turn out to be excellent strategists and tactics. And the girls 👩‍🦰 shoot great!

A sea of ​​🌊positive, bright emotions 🤩 and the desire to repeat again!

Well, colleagues – we will definitely repeat!

Joint team play is exactly what is needed for a strong, friendly team!


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