The products of the Minsk Automobile Plant are equipment that meets the environmental standards of Euro-3, Euro-4, Euro-5, Euro-6. Under the MAZ brand, truck tractors, onboard vehicles, and chassis for the installation of various special equipment go off the assembly line of the plant. In total, more than 500 models and modifications.

MAZ cars are a bold embodiment of innovative design ideas implemented in high-quality technology. Modern design, combined with high technical characteristics, allows MAZ to occupy a stable position in the international automotive market, competing with world manufacturers. In the production process, great importance is given to improving the quality level of products. To this end, work is constantly ongoing on technical re-equipment. Every day, a multi-thousand team of highly qualified professionals works on the quality of MAZ equipment. Each link in the production process is carefully thought out and aimed at achieving maximum results.

The list of services:

  • Repair of units and assemblies of equipment (ICE, gearbox, FDA, ZM, etc.)
  • Mounting attachments on tractors (brush equipment, utility and bulldozer dumps, mowers, wheel loaders, etc.)
  • Maintenance in accordance with the regulations and with the use of original consumables
  • Spare parts delivery and troubleshooting as soon as possible
  • Training machine operators and personnel to work on technology
  • Refueling, repair and maintenance of air conditioners on domestic and imported equipment
  • Repair of fuel equipment
  • Engine repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Repair of imported and domestic cars
  • Repair of trailers and semi-trailers (tire fitting, balancing and tread cutting)
  • Truck tire repair