The enemy destroys, and we create!

Our Company always emphasizes its mission – To create unique technology for life!

And we remain faithful to her at all times! Even now, or rather – especially now!

The problem of ensuring water supply for people is acute in the frontline settlements liberated by our courageous soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Having been left without a centralized water supply, people are forced to look for water, and rescuers and servicemen have ways and means to provide them.

Despite the war, in the shortest possible time – 3 days !, working without a break and rest, we created a new tank truck ACPT-12.0.

The tank truck is equipped with a tank for drinking water and is designed for its transportation and short-term storage. The thermal insulation of the tank does not allow to change the temperature of the liquid by more than 2 ° C for 10 hours at a difference of temperature of the liquid and the environment (30 ± 2) ° C.

Few features:
✅Tank – stainless steel
✅ Capacity – 12 m3
✅ Filling system – from an external source or own pump
✅ Water distribution and filling system – comb for 8 taps
✅ Pump – single-stage, capacity 400 l / min
✅ Base chassis – SITRAK C7H
✅ Wheel formula – 6×4

Such a tank truck can significantly facilitate the process of water supply, while maintaining its proper quality and, if necessary, temperature.

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