Congratulations to the team on New Year holidays!

New Year’s holidays are approaching …..
And Santa Claus and Snow Maiden visited our employees to congratulate and give sweet New Year’s gifts! But not everything is so simple! To get candy – you need to tell a poem😉!
Yes Yes! Necessarily! After all, Santa Claus is a fairy-tale character and, as we all remember from childhood, he loves poems and songs!

These are all jokes, of course…. But the greetings are real and the wishes are the same!
We are finishing this year successfully, because:
✅ fulfilled an extremely important and complex state order for the supply of 67 units of fire and rescue equipment to the SES of Ukraine
✅ developed and manufactured at least 3 completely new units of equipment
✅ Despite the growing crisis, we have kept the team and employ more than 600 Ukrainians

So, dear colleagues!
Congratulations on the upcoming holidays! We wish you new ambitious plans, new peaks and new achievements in the new year📈! May all your plans come true and bring you joy and satisfaction!

May there be peace, tranquility, harmony and prosperity in your families 💰, may the house be filled with merry laughter and warm conversations! Health 💪, inspiration, faithful friends and a peaceful sky ☀️!

Colleagues, this year we have proved that we are a reliable, friendly and strong team!
Happy holidays to you❄️🎉☃️🎄!

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