Labor protection is an important aspect of the Company’s work


According to the International Labor Organization, millions of accidents occur annually in the workplace, leading to a lack of work in the workplace for more than 3 days. Every day in the world about 5,000 people die as a result of accidents and morbidity in the workplace.
Our Company, the largest manufacturer of fire and agricultural machinery in Ukraine, is extremely responsible for the issue of labor safety. Today we have a Day of Labor Protection! The program of the event was created creatively – employees showed videos that are not intrusive and at the same time available to show how exactly it is necessary to observe the rules of safety of work, as well as fire safety.

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Workers who do not violate these rules during the production process were awarded diplomas.
The main value of the Company is its people! The safety of their lives and health is extremely important! Therefore, the company pays special attention and control to this issue. Taking into account the specifics of one or another workflow, relevant instructions, regulations, safety rules are being developed, and systematic instructing of employees and all personnel is introduced.
The main appeal of today’s event is to adhere to the safety rules always! It will save your life and health for many years! And remember – at home waiting for you !!!

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