Helping people as a vocation of life

For some reason it happened that until recently the work of a doctor was not considered something special – a normal job, like hundreds of others. But during the pandemic, we looked at our health workers with completely different eyes. And ordinary people have become real fighters for us. But, in fact, they have always been so. Only our attitude has changed. Now the main thing is not to lose this understanding neither to us, nor to the state as a whole.

Tetyana Vilenivna, our nurse and guardian angel, has been working for us in the Company for 35 years, part-time. So easy, but responsible and professional, she helps everyone who needs it.

During the long career, much has been seen, done and experienced together with the company. But our Tetyana Vilenivna never doubted one thing – she chose the right profession! Working with people and helping them is a calling.

“There was a lot of work – and worked in two shifts, got tired, and injuries occurred to employees, and just sickness. Being a nurse, and even at such a large enterprise is a great responsibility. However, I never regretted my choice. I am happy that I work here and my work benefits people, ”says our nurse.

Mrs. Tatiana has two adult sons, whom she is infinitely proud of, and a whole home greenhouse of flowers, some of which have settled in her office. It is noticeable that the flowers also “love” her, because they thank her for her beauty and flowering.

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