Visit of specialists National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine

Specialists of the Department of Engineering and Emergency Rescue Equipment of the Faculty of Operational and Rescue Forces of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine visited us.
The purpose of their visit is a detailed acquaintance with the Company and shooting educational videos on the proper operation of the ADC EN 1846-S-1-6-5000-10 / 3000-2.
Our enterprise is a huge closed mechanism of production.

From casting, machining, preparation of materials and to the production of a finished unit of equipment.
So, the day was not enough for our guests!

The first day – communication with the chief designer, procurement and welding, assembly and painting shop and video shooting, and the second – mechanical and foundry shops. The guests were especially interested in the machining and manufacturing process of the pumps. They also managed to talk to the commercial director Ihor Nezhyvenko about further cooperation in the development of Ukrainian fire and rescue equipment.

Excursions were so meaningful that I did not want to leave the shops!
And then it turned out that not everyone saw… So we are waiting for the next visit

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