Employers of Ukraine demand urgent action from the authorities

CEO of the Company, member of the Presidium of the FRU Council, Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Chernihiv Region Oleg Averyanov took part in an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Council of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.
Employers discussed the hottest issue for Ukrainian industry – a significant increase in energy prices.
During 2021, the cost of energy resources has increased several times, in particular:
– The cost of electricity for industrial consumers in September 2021 exceeded its January cost by 1.6 times. Already on October 12, the price of electricity at RDN reached the level of 3.33 UAH / kWh, which is 2.2 times higher than the average January price.
– As of October 6, industrial enterprises received offers of natural gas at a price of about 56.0 thousand UAH / thousand. cube. m (including VAT), ie 7 times higher than the price in January 2021. As of October 19, the gas price proposal is UAH 35,000 / thousand. cube. m (including VAT) with a tendency to increase.
Such prices are critical and will lead to the shutdown and reduction of production of more than 90% of Ukrainian enterprises.
Already now the situation is such that, in the absence of urgent steps by the authorities, we will have:
🔰 reduction of employees at enterprises,
🔰closing companies or stopping production,
🔰increasing the migration of the able-bodied population of Ukraine abroad and reducing revenues to the budgets of various levels.
As a result of the discussion, FRU members formed and made a number of demands to the Verkhovna Rada and the Government of Ukraine. The need for the state to take urgent and effective measures is obvious.

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