Fire truck for the united community


In February of this year, we transferred to our Avant-Garde United Territorial Community our new, improved in 2018, AC-5-40 (5309) -442A. Today she has joined the military duty at the Citizens’ Security Center. According to the customer, the availability of this tanker will allow quick and prompt assistance in emergencies in the community, and not expect the main forces of the DSNC.

AC-442A1The customer was offered the best version of the fire truck in rural areas with anhydrous areas and, at the same time, with existing roads of state importance.
This model is a four-wheel drive, with a wheeled formula 4 * 4.2. It is equipped with a powerful winch Runva EWB20000 with a tractive effort of 9 tons. This is precisely the one that comes with the AC-460 (530927) -515M, which is supplied by us to some parts of the DSNE for 2017-2018 years, and has proven to be excellent in self-drowning, pulling out other cars and removing obstacles. Emergency and rescue tool WEBER, a bright light-signal beam with a searchlight, a safe pedestal for the driver’s operation with the pump, convenient access to the compartments – the main, but far from all the advantages of AC-5-40 (5309) -442A.
Creation of united territorial communities is the future of Ukraine! We are very proud that it is precisely our technology that protects them.
Get yourself a good example of a Vanguard united territorial community that does not wait for improvement, but creates it for yourself!

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