Fairy-tale characters for children

Дед Мороз и дети

Снегурочка и детиToday, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden came to the little “poghashinivtsev” on the tree! Fairy tales sang, danced, played with children, in short, brought them a sea of ​​joy and positive emotions. At the end of the holiday, everyone got sweet gifts from Santa’s charming bag.
Agree, happy faces and shining eyes of children worthy of worth! So directly and sincerely believe in the New Year’s fairy tale and they can only miracle! And we help them to keep this faith, we do our best to continue the feast of childhood.
The company has long been taking care of children, and not only its employees, but also all residents of Ladan – children’s and sports grounds, gifts for holidays to orphans, various competitions, development and entertainment actions, excursions to the company. We do not divide the children into “ours” and “strangers”, because we are deeply convinced that they are all our future.

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