Energy conservation and environmental protection


Outside the window there is winter and frost, and in the machine shop of our enterprise the thermometer column steadily keeps at + 19 ° C! And this is not some kind of anomaly or a mistake, it is the result of the hard work of the company’s management, designed to create the most comfortable working conditions for its employees. The walls and the roof of the workshop are repaired and insulated, which allows to maintain the required temperature and reliably protects against capricious weather conditions. And the heating of the room itself, with dimensions of 2,717 square meters, is carried out with the help of a new solid-fuel boiler house. It not only warms our employees, but also saves energy and does not harm the environment.
Our company considers maximum energy saving and environmental protection to be one of the priority directions of production development.
We are for a safe and energy efficient industry!

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