The Company’s energy efficiency is a matter of course

The problem of efficient use of energy resources is gaining momentum not only in Ukraine but also around the world. Industry, as the most energy-intensive industry, primarily suffers from a lack of resources and finds effective ways to preserve, rationally and reuse them.

Energy efficiency experts say that any building loses the most heat through windows and walls. Therefore, the replacement of windows with energy-efficient and facade insulation is a must have for all commercial buildings. The next step is to upgrade the heating system. Modern technologies allow not only to completely replace the heating system, but also to upgrade the existing one, converting it from gas to fossil fuels.

Our Company, realizing the full responsibility for the economical use of resources, has been systematically implementing energy efficiency measures for several years in a row.
Director for Technical Affairs Gennady Kalugin told how the Company is implementing the process of implementing energy efficiency measures.
“First of all, we have started the modernization of industrial buildings.

The first shop that became energy efficient was mechanical. There was a replacement of windows, insulation of the facade, completely replaced the heating system, installation of roller doors, which are more airtight and retain heat much better. In winter, the air temperature warms up to +25 ° C, while heating is exclusively natural fuel.
Then they insulated, replaced the windows and partially installed the rolling doors in the procurement and welding and assembly and painting shops, in the future we plan to replace the rest of the doors.

This not only reduced the energy consumption of production, but also had a positive impact on the environment.
The next step was the insulation of facades, replacement of windows and modernization of the heating system of office premises. There are also noticeable results in terms of conservation of resources and comfortable stay of people in the workplace.

A separate project is the installation of LED lighting on all premises of the enterprise – production, management and support. We replace a certain number of light bulbs every month, according to the planned plan. Along with the lighting in the auxiliary rooms are installed and sensors that respond to movement.
In the shops it is planned to install twilight sensors that respond to the degree of illumination of the room.

Such lighting not only reduces monthly electricity consumption, but also fully justifies the costs. Payback, as a rule, does not exceed 2 years.
In general, this direction in the Company is developing, our employees took part in a pilot German-Ukrainian project dedicated to efficient energy saving, which trained specialists in the course of EUREM “European Energy Manager”.

Our plans are far-sighted. We aim to increase the energy efficiency of foundries, tool and repair shops, reduce the cost of lighting the premises of all premises, as well as introduce resource recovery where possible.”

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