Children’s excursions in the Company

The week of children’s excursions to the Company is over.

The whole last Sunday was devoted to acquainting the students of Ladan gymnasium with the enterprise.

The children of our colleagues visited the place where their parents work.
There were no limits to the children’s fascination!

Sincere emotions from what is seen are noticeable in every photo. New equipment, director’s office, fire helmets and models of fire engines, special interest – salt fire truck!

Everywhere they are different – curiosity, joy or curiosity, but the most important thing is that none of our little guests remained indifferent.

Developing excursions to industrial enterprises is an extremely necessary thing. Children need to know that modern engineering is not about heavy machinery and outdated equipment, but about innovative technologies and software-controlled production.

We want our children to grow up, understanding that industry is the future of Ukraine ❤️!


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