Today, SES specialists were present at the test of the new AC

Specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine arrived at the Company today to see how the tests of our new AC are taking place
Rescuers also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the complete set of the car and the course of production of the next fire trucks of the same model.
During the tests, first of all, the parameters of the fire pump were checked

  • water supply – not less than 3000 / min
  • nominal pressure – not less than 10 bar
  • dynamic test pressure – not less than 22.5 bar

As well as water supply, including during the movement of the tanker, Protek 922 gun barrel mounted on the front bumper of the chassis, operation of the irrigation system, priority signaling system, water supply stationary Protek 622-3 gun barrel mounted on the roof of the superstructure.

All tests of our tanker passed perfectly!

We are convinced that in the event of an emergency, it will become a reliable support for rescuers throughout Ukraine!



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