Safe working conditions are the Company’s top priority

🚒 Every second Tuesday of the month the Company holds a meeting of 🧑‍💼 heads of structural divisions of the enterprise 🏭 on labor protection 👨‍🏭👩‍🔧👨‍💻, during which measures to ensure safe working conditions, proper organization of work, compliance with regulations are discussed. and labor protection and fire safety requirements 🧯 at the enterprise.
🚒 One of the priority areas of corporate culture development in the Company is occupational safety, injury prevention, and most importantly – saving the lives of employees.
🚒 Injury prevention 🤕 in the workplace begins with clear instruction of all employees on the requirements of labor protection and the system of safe work.
🚒 Based on the results of the meeting, in the structural units and at the level of the company’s management, the results are summarized and the ways of solving the most important issues on creating safe and harmless working conditions are suggested.
🚒 Daily prevention is the key to employee health 💪and success of 👍Company!


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