Congratulations to employees on the occasion of the Day of the machine builder

Today the employees of the enterprise were greeted by the CEO of the Company Oleg Averyanov and the head of Pryluky District State Administration Gennady Lutsenko on the occasion of the upcoming holiday – the Day of the Machine Builder.

Diplomas and letters of thanks from the Company, Pryluky Regional State Administration and Chernihiv Regional State Administration were received by specialists from various departments and structures of the enterprise.

Oleg Averyanov, welcoming the employees noted:

Today I congratulate every employee of the Company on their professional holiday. Each of us contributes to the development of enterprise and mechanical engineering in Ukraine 🇺🇦. It is our cars that save people’s lives and harvest, it is our equipment that guards military facilities and participates in holiday parades! I thank each of you for your professionalism, dedication and skill! ”

Gennady Lutsenko, Chairman of the Pryluky Regional State Administration, awarded a separate diploma to the entire staff of the Company 🏭 and emphasized the following: I see that your team does everything together. You work, rest, get vaccinated – you do it all together! I am proud that the enterprise of such level lives, develops and works at us in Priluchchina »

Thank you 😊 for the greetings!
We work to develop Ukraine


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