Bytva tytaniv 2016

22 – 23 Sep 2016. (the village of Stepove, Tetiev district, Kyiv region) will be held large-scale practical demonstration of agricultural machinery in the field “Bytva tytaniv 2016.” The place for this event is high-yielding field of corn and sunflower of the group of companies “Tak”, from Kyiv region. The program will include the full set of autumn field works : harvesting and transportation, post-harvest cultivation using different technologies, sowing, fertilizing.

The LLC “IC “POZHMASHINA” will present:

– cart grain БНП-30;

-dump semi trailer НПСТ-24;

– dump semi trailer  НПС 2150.

We kindly invite you to visit the hall with our vehicles and equipment.

The company’s specialists will conduct the necessary consultations, acquaint with the possibilities of the technology, provide price offers.

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